The Lab

Our lab’s goal is to explore  the role of material heterogeneities and their evolution in space and time on the mechanical behaviour and failure modes of materials, using an integrated approach relying on microstructural informed models and experiments at various scales.

Material heterogeneities can take many forms and shape. While some types of heterogeneities may exist in the material prior to any deformation (flaws, grain boundaries etc.), others, result from the deformations and environmental effects that a material experiences.  A successful attempt at simulating materials with evolving heterogeneities, should include a statistical perspective, most likely in terms of not only spatial distribution (statistics) but also in a framework of probabilistic time evolution of certain events (statistical mechanics) governing the kinetics of microstructural features.

As materials science and technology continues to evolve, the dream of fine-tuning materials’ parameters and microstructures at the nano-scale level is becoming a reality. Combined with the emergence of sophisticated numerical codes and experiments enabling in-situ observations and understanding as to the nature of the microstructural processes occurring during deformation, we are now facing the opportunity to tailor materials per specific applications.